ATBU School Fees 2024/2025 for New & Returning Students

ATBU School Fees 2024/2025 for New & Returning Students: Hello there, freshers and returning students! Considering the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University for your higher education, or maybe you’re already part of the community? 

ATBU School Fees

Either way, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind around this time: school fees. Understanding the cost of education is crucial for both new and returning students, and that’s exactly what we’ll dive into today.

In this article, we’ll break down the ATBU school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session. We’ll cover fees for new students as well as what’s expected for those who are returning. 

We aim to make it as straightforward as possible, so you can budget effectively for the coming academic session. 

So, let’s cut to the chase and get into the numbers, shall we?

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How much is Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University ATBU school fees for Freshers 2024/2025

S/NOChargesOld2016/2017 Academic Session i.e 500Level and spill over studentsNew Fees
2024/2025 Academic Session i.e 100Level 200Level (DE) and returning 300L 400L and 500L
1Registration Fee1,250.001,250.002,250.002,250.00
2Examination Fees2,500.002,500.005,000.005,000.00
3Games Fees1,250/001,250.002,250./002,250.00
4Laboratory Fee2,500.002,500.005,000.005,000.00
5Library Fee1,250.001,250.002,500.002,500.00
6Technology (ICT) Fee3,750.003,750.006,500.006,500.00
7Student’s Medical Fees/Tship2,000.002,000.003,000.03,000.00
8Semester Result Collection Fee1,000.00
9.Municipal Service Fee4,000.004,000.00
11Entry Qualification Verification2,500.005,000.00
12Caution Deposit1,250.002,250.00
13Orientation Fee1,250.001,500.00
14ID Card1,250.003,000.003,000.00
10.Field Trip/SIWES/IT/TP2,000.005,000.00
16Foreign Students82,000.0074,500.0099,600.0086,100.00
17Accommodation/Hostel Maintenance Fee5,090.005,09.0012,590.0012,590.00

ATBU Hostel Accommodation Fee 2024

The Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University ATBU Hostel Accommodation Fee for the 2024/2025 Academic Session is N15,000 per bed space for Block ‘C’ hostel and N20,000 per bed space for Block ‘D & E’ hostel.

How to Apply for ATBU Hostel Accommodation 2024/2025 

  • To apply for ATBU Hostel, visit the school portal via
  • Generate REMITA using your Matriculation Number to book accommodation 
  • Proceed for payment using any Bank of your choice.

NOTE: Students must have submitted their registered courses before they can be allowed to book for Hostel Accommodation and make payment within the first 48 hours after booking, failure to do so will invalidate the booking.

TeezabUpdate’s Conclusion

And there you have it! A complete post on ATBU school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session. Whether you’re a fresh face on campus or a returning student, knowing these details can help you plan your finances better, so you can focus more on your academics and less on financial stress.

Education is an investment, and knowing the cost upfront allows you to invest wisely in your future. 

Now that you’re equipped with this information, you can make better choices about your academic journey at ATBU.

If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends and coursemates. And hey, if you’ve got any questions or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. We’re here to help!

Cheers to a successful academic year ahead!

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