NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State

NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State: Hey there, welcome to! Today, we’ve got something super important to talk about. If you’re living in Kaduna State or even planning to move there soon, you’ve got to know about NIMC Enrolment Centres. Trust us, it’ll save you a lot of time and stress.

NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State

So, you’re probably asking, “What’s NIMC?” Well, it stands for National Identity Management Commission. These are those responsible for giving out National Identification Numbers (NIN) in Nigeria. 

And why should you care about NIN? Simple. You need it for all sorts of stuff, like opening a bank account, getting a new SIM card, or even when you’re applying for a passport. It’s kind of like your identity badge for being a Nigerian citizen.

But here’s the thing. Getting this number isn’t a piece of cake if you have no clue where to go. That’s where NIMC Enrolment Centres come into play. 

These are the official spots to get your NIN sorted. It’s way easier than running around, not knowing where to go.

We get it, nobody wants to go on a wild goose chase just to find an enrolment centre. That’s why we’ve put together this super handy guide on where to find these centres in Kaduna State. 

Here, in this post, I will be giving you all the NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State. So, stick around. You’ll thank us later!

List of the NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State

Simply find the NIMC Enrolment Centre that’s conveniently located near you. And when you do go, make sure to bring along all the necessary, valid documents to streamline whichever process you’re there for.

Below, you’ll find the list of NIMC offices in Kaduna State.

1State/Zonal OfficeState/Zonal Office ERC, No. 1 Bayajidda Road, Ungwan Rimi/Malali, Kaduna North LGA
2Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Kongo Campus ERCFaculty Of Law, Kongo Campus, ABU Zaria LGA
3Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Samaru Campus ERCSamaru, Sport Complex, NUGA Gate, Samaru Campus, Ahmadu Bello University, Sabon Gari, Zaria LGA
4Badarawa ERCNurul Islam School, Badarawa, Kaduna North LGA
5Bakin Ruwa Ward, Igabi LGA ERCBakin Ruwa Ward, Igabi LGA
6Barewa College, Zaria LGA ERCBarewa College, Zaria LGA
7Bayan Dutse WardBayan Dutse Ward, Chikun LGA
8Birnin Gwari LGA ERCBirnin Gwari LG Secretariat Complex, Birnin Gwari
9Buruku ERCDistrict Head’s Palace, Buruku, Chikun LGA
10Central Market Gumi ERCCentral Market Gumi ERC, Kaduna North LGA
11Chikun LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat, Chikun LGA
12College Of Education ERCCollege Of Education ERC, Main Campus, College Of Education, Gidan Waya, Jemaa LGA
13DSS OfficeDSS ERC, Old Federal Secretariat, Yakubu Gowon Way, Kaduna North LGA
14Federal Cooperative College (FCC) ERCFederal Cooperative College, Gonin Gora, Chikun LGA
15Federal Secretariat Complex ERCFederal Secretariat Complex, Kawo, Kaduna North LGA
16Giwa LGAGiwa LGA Secretariat, Giwa
17GT Bank Kaduna ERCGT Bank Kaduna, Nnamdi Azikiwe Bypass, Tudun Wada, Kaduna South LGA
18GT Bank Zaria ERCGT Bank, Zaria, 13/15 Manchester Road, Sabon Gari LGA
19Igabi/Turunku LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Igabi/Turunku LGA
20Ikara LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Ikara LGA
21Jaba LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Jaba LGA
22Jaji Infantry Club ERCJaji ERC, Infantry Club House, Military Cantonment, Jaji, Igabi LGA
23Jema’a LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Jema’a LGA
24Kachia LGAKachia LGA Secretariat, Kachia
25Kadaure District Head Office ERCKadaure District Head Office, Chikun LGA
26Kaduna Polytechnic (KADPOLY) ERCKADPOLY ERC, College Of Science And Technology Building, Kaduna Polytechnic, Tudun Wada Campus
27Kaduna South LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Kaduna South LGA
28Kagarko LGAKagarko LGA Secretariat, Kagarko LGA
29Kagoma ERCKagoma ERC, opposite Chief Of Kagoma Palace, Kagoma, Jema’a LGA
30Kajuru LGA ERCKajuru Local Government Secretariat, Kajuru LGA
31Karji Ward ERCKarji Ward, Chikun LGA
32Kaduna State University (KASU) ERCEntrepreneurship Hall, Kaduna State University, Main Campus, Kaduna North LGA
33Katari ERCKatari ERC, Katari Development Area, Katari, Kachia LGA
34Kaura LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Kaura LGA
35Kauru LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat, Kauru
36Kubau LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Kubau LGA
37Kudan LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat office, Kudan LGA
38Lere LGALere LGA Secretariat, Lere LGA
39Lere Ward ERCLere Ward, Saminaka, Chief Of Lere Palace, Lere Town, Lere LGA
40Living Faith Church ERCLiving Faith Church ERC, Faith Avenue, Barnawa, Kaduna South LGA
41Magamiya ERCOpposite Government Secondary School, Magamiya 2, Zangon Kataf LGA
42Makarfi LGAMakarfi LGA Secretariat, Makarfi
43MTN Main Office Abakpa ERCMTN Main Office Abakpa, Kaduna North LGA
44Nigerian Army Depot ERCNigerian Army Depot Sabon Gari, Zaria
45Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Base ERCOld Military Hospital, NAF Base, Igabi LGA
46National Eye Centre ERCNational Eye Centre, Igabi LGA
47Nigerian College Of Aviation Technology (NCAT) I.T. Block (Aviation) ERCNCAT I.T. Block (Aviation), Sabon Gari LGA
48Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) ERCEntrepreneurship Hall, NDA, Kawo Kaduna North LGA
49Nigerian Defence Academy II (NDA II) ERCNew NDA Permanent Site, Afaka, Igabi LGA
50Nigerian Army Depot ERCAdmin. Building, Sabon Gari LGA
51Nigerian Prisons ERCNo. 27 Independence Way, Kaduna North LGA
52Nigerian Immigration Service (Passport Office) ERCNigerian Immigration Service, No. 1 Mogadishu Layout, by Kanta Road
53Nok ERCOpposite District Head office, Nok, Jaba LGA
54Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic ERCMain Campus, Gaskiya, Zaria LGA
55Paki ERCOffice of The District Head, Paki, Ikara LGA
56Rigasa LGAOffice of The District Head, Rigasa
57Sabon Gari LGA ERCSabon Gari LG Secretariat Complex, Sabon Gari, Zaria
58Sabon Sarki Development Area ERCSabon Sarki, Kachia LGA
59Sanga LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Sanga LGA
60Soba LGA ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Soba LGA
61Sultan Bello Mosque ERCUngwan Sarki, Kaduna North LGA
62UBA ERC3 Yakubu Gowon Way, Uba, Kaduna North LGA
63UBA ERC (Kachia Road)Kachia Road, Kaduna South LGA
64Ungwan Gaiya ERCNuhu Bamali, Samaru
65Yarkasuwa ERCYarkasuwa Development Area Bbuilding, Lere LGA
66Zamani Foundation Building ERCNew Police Station Road, Sabon Tasha, Chikun LGA
67Zangon Kataf LG ERCLocal Government Secretariat Office, Zangon Kataf LGA
68Zaria LG ERCLocal Government Secretariat office, Zaria LGA
69Zenith Bank ERC7 Kachia Road, Makera, Kaduna South LGA
70Zenith Bank ERC (Zaria)Zenith Bank ERC, PZ, Zaria

TeezabUpdate Conclusion on NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State

Knowing all about NIMC Enrolment Centres in Kaduna State is good. Your NIN is more than just a number; it’s like your key to so many doors in Nigeria.

Whether it’s banking, healthcare, or even getting a new SIM card, your NIN is your ticket.

Now you know where to go in Kaduna State to get this all-important number or update your details. No more aimless wandering or scratching your head, wondering where to go. With this post, you’re all set. You’re welcome!

We really hope this post helps you out. Big shoutout to you for wanting to stay informed. That’s what we’re all about here at

Do you have any questions or still confused about something? Just drop a comment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Until next time, take care and be happy!

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