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University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students: Greetings! Welcome to! Today, let’s embark on an exciting exploration of educational opportunities with a spotlight on the University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students.

University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students is delighted to be your guide through this enlightening journey, offering insights into scholarship programs that open doors for global minds seeking academic excellence.

The University of Ottawa, renowned for its commitment to diversity and academic distinction, extends a warm welcome to international students through various scholarship offerings.

In this blog post, we’ll unravel the details of these esteemed scholarships, providing a glimpse into the application process, eligibility criteria, and the enriching experiences that await those eager to pursue their educational dreams at this prestigious Canadian institution.

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Every year, the University of Ottawa offers more than 1000+ awards to international students across various academic levels. These awards are presented in the form of University of Ottawa scholarships, bursaries, and more. 

Though the university is currently offering a limited number of scholarships to international students, it makes up for it with other financial assistance options. Students can avail up to 50,000 CAD (31.02 lakhs INR) through scholarships to study at the University of Ottawa.

The University of Ottawa Scholarship Types

The different types of financial assistance available to international students at the University of Ottawa are listed below:

Funding TypeAward Amount (CAD)Equivalent Amount for Indians (INR) 
Admission scholarships and bursaries6,500 to 7,5004.03 to 4.57 lakhs
Faculty scholarships1,000 to 10,00062,000 to 6.20 lakhs
Merit Scholarship1,000 per term62,000 per term
Mobility Scholarship1,000 or 2,00062,000 to 1.24 lakhs
Private Donor Scholarships1,000 or more62,000 or more
Personal ContributionPart-time job or other programs offering variable amountsVariable
Co-operative Education Programs – Paid placement (per 4-month work term)10,0006.20 lakhs

Note: Although some types of financial assistance are awarded automatically, students must apply for others through the Online Scholarships and Bursaries search engine.

How to Apply for University of Ottawa Scholarships

While the majority of internal scholarships are admission-based, there are a few which require a separate application form. The process for all application-based scholarships is the same, students just have to follow the process given below:

  • Step 1: When students apply for University of Ottawa admission, they’ll receive an email with their uoAccess ID and password, allowing them to access the university’s student portal, uoZone.
  • Step 2: Log into uoZone to access the Online Scholarships and Bursaries search engine. Students will find it under Finances and jobs.
  • Step 3: Students will have to create their profile to find the scholarships and bursaries that are right for them. They can then apply for them, starting on December 1.
  • Step 4: Finally, they will have to click on APPLY and it’s done.

University of Ottawa Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs

The University of Ottawa offers around 42 Million CAD in scholarships and bursaries annually to students commencing undergraduate programs at the University of Ottawa. The primary source of funding for international UG students is offered through the Automatic Excellence Scholarships.

In this, if students have outstanding grades in high school, they start with an Admission Scholarship for their first year of university. Admission scholarship based on your admission average:

Academic ScoreScholarship Amount (CAD)Equivalent for Indian Students (INR)
95% to 100%4,0002.48 lakhs
90% to 94.9%3,0001.86 lakhs
85% to 89.9%2,0001.24 lakhs
80% to 84.9%1,00062,000

Post that, recipients get 1,000 CAD in the form of a Merit Scholarship for each term. However, for that, they have to maintain a minimum 8.5-term grade point average (TGPA) or approximately 82.5%.

Apart from Admission Scholarships, the University of Ottawa offers around 15 prestigious Admission Scholarships, which offer financial assistance to more than 100 international students. Some of these are tabulated below:

ScholarshipBenefits (in CAD)EligibilityApplication Deadline
President’s Scholarship for International Students30,000 (7,500 per year)Over 92% (or equivalent) | Leadership qualities |
Commitment to academic and extracurricular activities
March 1, 2023
Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students26,000 (6,500 per year)Over 92% (or equivalent) | Leadership qualities |
Commitment to academic and extracurricular activities
March 1, 2023
Dean of the Faculty of Arts’ Merit Scholarship4,000 (1,000 per year)Over 92% (or equivalent) | CGPA of 9.0 or higher for renewabilityAdmission Application
Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship – India5,000/year (2,500 per term)Indian citizen | CGPA of 5.0 or higher for renewabilityAdmission Application
Dean’s Merit Scholarship – Faculty of Engineering5,000 (Admission average: 95% – 100%); 4,000 (Admission average: 90% – 94.9%)Minimum admission average of 90% (or equivalent)Admission Application
Dean’s Excellence Award – Faculty of Social Sciences for International Students1,500Minimum admission average of 92%Admission Application

University of Ottawa Scholarships for Postgraduate Programs

Scholarships for master’s programs and doctoral programs at the University of Ottawa are offered by individual faculties. Each faculty holds a competition with their criteria, including a minimum admission average of 8.0 out of 10.

How to Apply? Files of eligible students must be recommended to the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, by the faculty to which applicants have applied.

Scholarship Awards: The PG-level scholarships are non-renewable and awarded as a one-time payment only. The scholarship amount varies for master’s and doctoral students:

  • For Master’s – The award value is up to 7,500 CAD
  • For Doctorate – The award value is up to 9,000 CAD

Apart from these general scholarships, the various faculty-specific scholarships for PG-level students are:

Nutrition and Mental Health Master’s Scholarship: Awarded to students who are conducting leading-edge research related to the interrelationship between food, nutrition, gut microbiota, and mental health under the supervision of a professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences’ School of Nutrition Sciences.

Value: 6,000 CAD per term.

Stonecroft Foundation Scholarship: Awarded to students in the Masters of Fine Arts Program who are registered as a full-time student in the MFA program at the Department of Visual Arts.

Value: 3,500 CAD

Education Bursary for International Master’s Students: awarded to two categories of students:

  • Master’s degree with thesis – receiving award value of 4,800 CAD
  • Master’s degree with research paper, research project, or course option – receiving award value of 2,400 CAD

Joseph De Koninck Prize is awarded to students registered in an interdisciplinary program, whose thesis has been recommended for the scholarship at the defense.

Value: 500 CAD and above (Depending upon the thesis content)

University of Ottawa External Awards & Scholarships

Many students rely on government financial aid to pay for their studies in Canada and at the University of Ottawa. Therefore, in addition to the internal scholarships, the University of Ottawa also offers many external scholarships to its international students.

Some of the external scholarships available for international students studying at the University of Ottawa are given below:

ScholarshipBenefits (in CAD)Eligibility
Vanier Canada Scholarship50,000Achieved a first-class average, in each of the last two years of full-time study; Nominated by only ONE Canadian university
Ontario Graduate Scholarship10,000Hold an A– Average (Ontario equivalent of 80%) in both the years of full-time study before being awarded
Mitacs Globalink Graduate Fellowship15,000Strong academic background
Ontario Trillium Scholarships40,000Hold an A– Average (Ontario equivalent of 80%) in both years of full-time study before being awarded

The University of Ottawa scholarships reward students for not only their pre-university academic achievements but also their achievements every term of full-time study at the university. International students from more than 150 countries choose the University of Ottawa every year.

They enjoy lower tuition fees, and a variety of scholarships, and a superior quality of education. A scholarship is awarded for academic achievements while a bursary is awarded based on financial need.

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These scholarships not only ease the financial path but also symbolize the university’s dedication to fostering a vibrant, inclusive learning environment. stands as your reliable source for educational insights. Whether you’re considering the University of Ottawa Scholarships or exploring other global opportunities, we’re here to keep you informed and inspired.

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